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We offer seen and unseen estimates of services.  The estimate is the starting price based on conditions either seen on unseen and discussed between our team and the client.  If for any reason the home is not as such or would require extra time, you will be asked to approve the extra time needed and potential costs added or can choose to stay within your estimate, understanding it will be left incomplete.




Miscellaneous projects are welcome. Simply call, text or email us with your special requests so we can give you the best rate or referral partner.





Our normal workdays are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We do work from a tight schedule and will attempt to accommodate day and time preference.



It is not necessary to be at home while we are there cleaning. If you have an alarm, make sure we have the code to the alarm when we arrive, and to set it again when we leave. We’ll also need a house key or door code if needed to access the job that will always be in the possession of management. 



Stuff is going to happen. At one point or another -- for whatever reason, one of us is going to need to reschedule our cleaning. Communication is key. Call, text or email as soon as you know there is a conflict, and we’ll do our best to reschedule your cleaning at the next earliest convenience. We will do the same. As long as we have a 48-hour notice there will be no cancellation charge equal to up to half of your service price. This fee may be waived at the discretion of management.


If you or your children get sick with a contagious illness (i.e. the Covid, flu, a cold, pneumonia, chicken pox etc.) please call and reschedule your cleaning. Even though we disinfect your house, it is possible that we might transport germs to the next house or become sick ourselves. And to be fair to all our customers we prefer to wait until you are well again. On our end, we may call in sick as well to protect you and your family.


We aim to please. If for any reason, at any time you are not completely satisfied, please call, text, or email us immediately or within 24 hours at 941-241-7448 ( and we will do everything in our power to resolve your concerns.  


RESIDENTIAL- Payment is due at time of service. We accept CASH FREE PAYMENTS-  debit, credit, and Afterpay. ALL RECURRING CLIENTS MUST SECURELY SAVE A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD ON FILE TO CONFIRM FUTURE CLEANING SESSIONS.  THERE IS A $25 LATE FEE AND $10 EACH DAY AFTER FOR ALL PAYMENT METHODS.  If payment is not made 5 days before your next scheduled session, you will be automatically cancelled and must reschedule once account is paid in full.  All accounts past due more than 15 days will undergo standard collection practices that could result in negative credit reporting.


Services are paid in advance to secure future bookings.  We're very flexible in offering NO CONTRACT services, allowing you to cancel at any time.  With services paid in advance, any services not rendered due to cancelling, a refund will be applied accordingly.  If you prefer a specific payment recurrence as mentioned above, please let me know.  


We take your privacy seriously. We collect the minimum amount of personally identifiable information necessary for photos, videos, social media, and digital record keeping.  For more details about our privacy policy, please contact management.  


Sears Cleaning & Disinfecting Services is committed to protecting the data collected pertaining to our users. This policy details the collection, use, and protection of personal information we receive from site visitors. By entering our website you consent to our use of cookies as pertaining to the terms of this policy.

Data Collection
Sears Cleaning & Disinfecting Services collects the minimum amount of personally identifiable information necessary to improve our site and the service we provide. Data we collect includes any or all of the information you provide while using our website and/or services.

Use of Information
Sears Cleaning & Disinfecting Services may use the personal information collected through our site specifically for the purposes detailed in this policy. Personal information that we process for any reason won’t be kept longer than is necessary for those purposes. We will take reasonable measures to prevent the loss or misuse of your personal information (e.g. encryption).

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